Manual Adjusting

After locating subluxations in your spine, Dr. Neville will adjust your spine by contacting a specific vertebrae in your neck or back with his hands and delivering a high velocity/low amplitude thrust into the vertebrae.This will realign the spine and promote improved nerve function.

Instrument Assisted Adjusting

When a lighter form of adjusting is needed, or when a patient is afraid of manual chiropractic adjustments, Dr. Neville is able to use both the Activator adjusting tool and the Arthrostim adjusting tool to correct subluxations. Instrument adjusting uses a much lighter force than manual adjusting, but still produces amazing results!

Cervical Traction

Structure of the spine will dictate it's function, therefore it is important for those who have lost the natural curve in their neck to begin to restore it. The posture pump helps in this process, and a full explanation of this device can be seen here.


A very commonly used technique in our office. Flexion/distraction technique is a wonderful technique to help the discs in the lower back. By creating movement in the spine, fluid is pushed in and out of the discs, delivering nutrients and removing built up toxins.

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